Welcome to JustKira.com!

This is the Web Interface of Kira's PawPrintz, a small business run from Adelaide in South Australia. 

The services we offer cover a wide range of graphic arts and web design, including web hosting aimed at small businesses or organisations who wish to establish a web presence without having to outlay huge amounts of money demanded by some web design and hosting companies. 

You may just be surprised how little it can cost to have your own website and for not much extra, we can maintain your site for you if you do not have the time or possess the skills to do so yourself.  Our services are affordable.  For more information on how we can help you set up a website, visit our Web Hosting section or Contact Us.

How did we get our name?

I'm so glad you asked.

The business was named after one very spoilt Labrador, whose pedigree name is Heidelvale JustKira.  Initially, much of the artwork produced was of her - you can see some of the early works and also some of the Award Winning works by clicking here


About Us

Between us we have over twenty years of experience working in the IT Industry and graphic arts.  Over that time we have seen the evolution of the Internet and continue to ride the wave as the Internet develops and becomes more accessible to the average person.

Andrew has worked as an IT Contractor and has also been employed by the State Government, working in Help Desk Areas and also Web Development.  He is well aware of the need for a low-cost service whilst maintaining a high impact and professional product.  Many organisations could benefit greatly from establishing their own site and advertising their services and products, some examples include theatre groups, dog clubs, sporting groups and special interest groups, just to name a few.

Peter is a Graphic Artist who from an early age demonstrated his ability to capture the essence of the subject and faithfully reproduce this in whatever medium is required.  His interest in computing has also led to the development of skills in reproducing his artwork digitally.  You can see some of Peter's work by clicking here.  Peter's vision and creative skills always result in work which is much more than expected.

Kira assists the team by ensuring there are always plenty of half-chewed plastic bottles, pieces of wood and the odd frog laying around for us to find.